Useful Dreamwidth Bookmarklets

Please note that I didn't do the hard work on these - [personal profile] murklins created the style=mine and format=light bookmarklets on which these are based.

Site Scheme

your current site scheme

Gradation Vertical
Tropo Red
Tropo Purple

Un-threaded comments


Restore original style/scheme


So what do these bookmarklets do? The site scheme bookmarklets will reload whichever page you're on, with an argument in the url which causes the page to be loaded in a particular site scheme. This is useful if you need to view something in a site scheme other than your default. I was inspired to create these when [personal profile] peoppenheimer mentioned in #dw_support that the Support board looked terrible in Gradation Vertical ( [personal profile] foxfirefey is working on the issue, as of 2009-12-29), but I'm sure people will find other uses for them. The view=flat bookmarklets were created in response to this comment by [personal profile] facetofcathy. The final bookmarklet, which reloads the page in the journal/community's specified scheme, was added when [personal profile] matgb called my attention to the existence of this feature.

To use a bookmarklet, drag the link into your browser's toolbar or right-click and select "Bookmark this link."

The original bookmarklets.